Beocord 9000 (Original Version)

24th November 2012

Dull sound when using Dolby noise reduction is usually due to misadjusted playback level or the use of unsuitable cassettes. However, in this case it was due to dead spots having formed on the P.B. Matching pre-set controls 2R141 and 2R241. An application of contact cleaner and a few rotations of each control cleared the dead spots and then the adjustments were re-made as per the procedure in the service manual. If the manual is not available then noting the initial positions of the controls and returning them as accurately as possible after cleaning should give approximately correct results. The Rec. Matching pre-set controls 2R142 and 2R242 should be dealt with in a similar manner at the same time. These components are not present in the later version of this model. [Beocord 9000]