Beogram 2402

24th November 2012

A Beogram 2402 was reported to have always needed its speed tuning control to be set on the positive side to obtain the correct speed (on both 33 and 45 RPM) but this was now no longer sufficient after a few records had been played. Checking the voltage at the output 12V regulator (0IC1, 7812) showed the correct 12V but there was excessive AC ripple present at the input. 1C1, (1000uF) was the first suspect and when it was replaced it was possible to centre the speed tuning control using 1R7 33 and 1R9 45. The turntable speed stayed constant after this. During testing it was found that the front panel switches were intermittent, polishing the contacts cured this fault. [Beogram 2402] (submitted by Mike Phelan)