Beomaster 5000

18th November 2012

Random problems with the microcomputer section of these receivers such as loss of displays or front panel functions, starting on maximum volume, loss of pre-tuned stations etc. is most often due to a fault in the reset circuits for the microcomputer and is normally resolved by replacing 4C59 (33uF, replace with 47uF), 4C65 and 4C68 (both 100uF). On one occasion this failed to cure the problem and in addition when first powered, the set would not show the standby indicator and the standby relay clicked on and off at roughly one second intervals for about 10 cycles. The 5V supply was present but the 13V supply from which it is derived was low at 10.5V with heavy 100Hz AC ripple present. This pointed towards 2C13 (4700uF) being open circuit and on replacing this component the receiver once again worked normally. [Beomaster 5000]