Beovision 5500

16th June 2013

This set would show the red “standby” LED when switched on and the the LED extinguished correctly when either of the programme step keys was pressed but no picture or sound appeared. Since the tube heater was out and the EHT was not present it was clear that the power supply section was not working. There was 330V across 6C7 (220uF) and at the collector of 6TR1 (BU208A) but no drive was present at 6TR1’s base, so attention was turned to PCB7. Here it was found that 7R6 (220R) was getting hot since 7TR3 was turned fully on with 0.7V at its base. 1.4V was measured at pin 11 of 7IC1 (TDA2581) with no drive signal present, so 7IC1 was repalced. This made no difference but as the DC conditions around the stage were otherwise basically correct attention was turned to the electrolytic capacitors in this area. 7C5 (4.7uF), 7C10 (33uF, replace with 47uF as shown in some versions of the diagram), 7C13 (22uF) and 7C15 (4.7uF) measured out of tolerance so in the interests of reliability all were replaced. This restored normal functioning and an excellent picture. [Beovision 33XX series, Beovision 77XX series].