Beovision 601

28th May 2014

This set showed a picture of diminished width which was marred by a single bar of picture distortion which seemed to affect the horizontal scan most greatly. The 180V “B” supply was low at around 155V and even though the “B+ JUST” control 1R100 had an effect on the voltage it could not raise it to the correct level. The 240V “C” supply was also low at around 155V and it was then discovered that there was no voltage across 1C61. 1R98 and 1D5 were suspected but it was 1C61 that proved to be the cause of the trouble, it was open circuit and a replacement restored the correct voltages and resulted in a full sized and undistorted picture. A similar circuit is used in models 600 and 1600 but with different component reference numbers in some cases. [Beovision 600, Beovision 601, Beovision 1600]