Beocenter 7007

(1983-1987) FM stereo/MW/LW/Dolby B NR cassette/turntable music centre, 2X 40W. remote control and multiroom

Type number: 1821


Yet another rework of the Beocenter 7000. A mild restyle, involving new, flusher keys, smaller lettering and a raised aluminium strip across the front resulted in a finer impression to the detailing. The sliding volume control finally gave way to buttons for up, down, store and reset, so the full range could be accessed from both terminal and Beocenter. A TP2 key was also a welcome addition (previously selection was made by the insertion of a DIN plug in the front mounted TP2 socket) and the socket, now four phono connections, moved to the hinge-up rear panel, possibly in preparation for CD players or stereo video recorders. A modified tone arm now came with the new MMC series pickup, MMC 5 being the standard fitting. The timer was also updated, and now could be programmed for two events. A smart new remote control terminal, called simply Beocenter Terminal, completed the new look. The SC 70 cabinet remained unchanged, but the loudspeakers in the Beosystem 7007 package reverted to Beovox S 55. Beosystem 5000 packages sold at this time now came with Beovox S 45. The Beocenter 7007 was the last of this type of machine to be withdrawn, and was still being offered in 1987. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.



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