Buying and Selling

Would you like to buy my (B&O product/accessory)?
As a rule, no thank you. Certainly anything that you can see on the site we have at least one of already! But if you have something unusual, we would be very interested to know more (contact details are on the About Beocentral page).
I’ve just seen a (B&O product/accessory) on eBay. How much should I pay?
This is impossible to answer, but as a guide, remember to budget for repairs and servicing for anything you can’t actually try out before buying (consult a B&O workshop for an approximate idea of cost). Buying complex products unseen has many risks, and real bargains are rare.
How much is my (B&O product/accessory) worth?
Anywhere from “free” to RRP and beyond. Remember that for older products there are a limited number of people who are willing to absorb a lot of these things, and most have more than they know what to do with already. For newer products, the depreciation of all TV/Hi-Fi gear is sobering, so be realistic. The best guide is to think “What would I be prepared to pay?"
I would like to buy a (B&O product/accessory) from you.
The prices shown on the site are for historical interest only. We don’t actually sell anything!

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

My Beogram/Beocord needs a new belt/pickup. Do you have any?
Beocentral is an information resource, please consult a B&O dealer for parts and service. You can find year nearest dealer on B&O’s website. B&O no longer make pickups, these are now manufactured under licence by Soundsmith.
I’ve bought a Beogram/Beogram CD/Beocord that is supposed to be remote controlled but it doesn’t seem to work...
All remote controlled audio products receive remote control commands via the Beomaster receiver. The system does not work with individual units.
My VX video recorder does not work by remote control...
These models only function by remote control when connected to a suitable Beovision TV using a correctly wired 21 pin AV cable, or if an optional “VX Sensor” IR receiver is used. The latter is no longer available.
My Beogram CD 50 won’t play any of my CDs, what’s wrong?
They are over 20 years old now so it could be almost anything, but remember that the disc goes label side down in these machines.
My Beovision LX/MX TV set has a stereo sound decoder fitted but the sound from the loudspeakers appears to be mono...
Models with Powerlink sockets (for external active loudspeakers) have a function in the menu to turn Powerlink on and off. In the “on” position the built-in loudspeakers become a mono “centre” loudspeaker, regardless of whether external units are connected or not.
How do I select Tape 2 by remote control on my Beomaster/Beocenter?
With those models that use the Beolink 1000, press Shift, A Tape. The same applies to Beovision TV sets, V Tape 2 is accessed by Shift, V Tape.
Where can I get a service guide for (B&O product)?
Early models often had a circuit diagram hidden inside, sometimes in a small envelope glued to the cabinet. In the 33XX series televisions, there should be a comprehensive book rolled up and tucked in behind the power supply. If you are lucky these may still be there. More complex products had diagrams included with the instruction books. Failing that, a B&O dealer that has a workshop may be prepared to lend you a manual against a deposit, it’s always worth asking!

Manuals, Connections, Miscellaneous

Were can I get a manual for (B&O product)?
B&O’s website contains a number of manuals for products from the late 1980s onwards. You must register with them but downloads are free.
Can I connect a (B&O product) to (another B&O product)?
Unless you have a real understanding of these things, it’s best to stick to products that were made to go together when new. Look at the descriptions for the products on this site, they often say which units were made for each other.
Can I connect a (non-B&O product, e.g. DVD recorder, MP3 player) to a (B&O product)?
This can be a complicated problem that is best answered by an experienced Hi-Fi dealer who will also be able to advise you on suitable cables and adaptors.
Which type of tapes should I use in my Beocord cassette recorder?
Earlier models, that is those before the Beocord 2000, 5000 and 8004, were set up in the factory for BASF LH-E1, BASF CRII and Scotch Metafine (where appropriate). Later models were set up for BASF LH-E1, TDK SA and TDK MA.
Which Beogram models are direct drive?
Surprisingly few, the Beogram 8000, 6006 and 8002 were the only models. Later types derived from the Beogram 5005 were disappointingly all belt driven, claims that this was due to lack of space seem thin when one looks at the Sony PS-Q7 direct drive turntable, which is about a quarter of the size.