Beocord 1800

(1970-1973) Stereo tape recorder, 1⅞, 3¾, 7½ IPS, two or four track format

Type numbers: 4132, 4133, 4138


The Beocord 1800 was offered as a simplified version of the Beocord 2400, for those who did not require the power amplifiers or the mixing facilities. It was intended for use with additional high quality equipment, such as the Beolab 5000 system. In this role, it effectively replaced the Beocord 1500 De Luxe. In most respects it was similar to the Beocord 2400, though an important difference was that it was offered in both two and four-track versions, the two-track version having an extra head for the replay of four-track recordings. Unlike the previous Beocord 1500 De Luxe, a headphone socket was provided for monitoring purposes, and sliding controls similar to those of the more expensive version were fitted. Underneath, the connections to the amplifier were duplicated in RCA phono sockets—to fill the space left but the absence of loudspeaker connections perhaps? The Beocord 1800 benefited from the same silicon transistors and die-cast chassis as the Beocord 2400, and was capable of outstanding performance when used with quality equipment and low noise tape. It was perhaps the finest of all B&O tape recorders, though does not seem to have sold in particularly large numbers. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

The new range of compact, upright models included a replacement for the Beocord 1800: the Beocord 1200. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Finishes/ colours

  • Rosewood
  • Teak



NOTE 1: Unusually, the rosewood finish cost the same as teak. Rosewood was usually slightly more expensive.

Type numbers

4132, 4133, 4138

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