Beocord VHS 82


Type numbers: 4510, 4512, 4513, 4517


This is a mildly restyled Philips VR6760, with the addition of a panel which allows it to be used with B&O televisions, allowing remote control of most functions via the Scart AV socket. An internal switch selects the Video Terminal of Beolink control systems, and between control from the Beovision, or directly from the built in IR sensor. A replacement sensor, available as an accessory, is needed for direct control from Beolink 1000. Like the VHS 63, the VHS 82 is made in the Philips VCR factory in Austria. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

This versatile machine is recommended for all Beovisions, but it is particularly suitable for use with the MX 2000, when an on screen programming menu system then becomes visible. The cabinet top is available in a choice of coloured finishes to match the MX range of the period, and the is a special accessory shelf to fit to the MX 2000 stand, to form a mobile compact stereo videosystem. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Finishes/ colours

  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White



Type numbers

4510, 4512, 4513, 4517

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