Beogram 1001

(1972-1975) Stereo turntable, 33/45RPM, SP 14 pickup

Type number: 5101

Picture by Martin Olsen


The Beogram 1001 was an updated version of the Beogram 1000. Outwardly, changes were minimal, the chromed “Beogram 1000” script on the front of the plinth was removed, the cast emblem on the deck was replaced with a small square badge and the speed dial changed from a chromed casting to black plastic. The arm was not altered, but the pickup changed from an SP 7 to an SP 14. Inside, a new type of motor and speed change assembly were fitted. The centrifugal regulator was replaced with a conical pulley and sliding idler wheel, and only two speeds were offered, 33 and 45RPM. The motor itself was also replaced with a type similar to that used in the Beogram 1200. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

The 1001 designation indicated that the Beogram 1001 was intended for use with the Beomaster 1001 receiver. This was a strange and backwards step from the Beosystem 1200, of which the Beogram 1200 was a far more modern machine and featured fully automatic operation. The Beogram 1001 was the last Beogram that could only be operated manually. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Jacob Jensen

Finishes/ colours

/ Rosewood/Black
/ Teak/Black
/ White/Black  



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