Beolink 5000

(1991-1996) 2 way remote control

Type numbers: 1531, 1534, 1620, 1623

Picture by Nick Jarman


The Beolink 5000 was the first of a new series of remote controls. About the same size as the established Beolink 1000, it offered one or two way control of all products. An LCD panel displayed what was currently being operated, and in two way mode, basic information from a music or video system. On the reverse side, extra keys that were considered to be used less frequently were positioned in a strip along the middle, and being transparent, the display could be read from both sides. Beolink 5000 was mainly intended to be used with range topping systems like Beocenter 9500 and the AV 9000 system, though it could be set to one way mode, and directly replace a Beolink 1000. Later models had slightly reorganised keys and different programming. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.



Type numbers

1531, 1534, 1620, 1623

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