Beovision L 2500

(1987) 25” colour television, A2 stereo

Type numbers: 3761, 3762, 3766, 3772


The L 2500 was offered as a more basic version of the LX 2500. While the two sets were the same, the L 2500 lacked a teletext decoder (though was available as an option), the loudspeakers now were only one-way with the crossovers and tweeters removed and the cabinet was finished in grey only. Externally, the set could be distinguished by its plainer loudspeaker frets, which did not have the horizontal grooves across them like those of the LX. This model was replaced by the L 2502. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


David Lewis

Finishes/ colours

  • Grey



Type numbers

3761, 3762, 3766, 3772

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