Beovision MS 6000


Type numbers: 7813, 7818, 7819, 7873, 7874, 8740, 8742


A simplified version of the Beovision MX 6000 intended for people who did not need the advanced interconnection and integration possibilities offered by the more expensive version. Whilst the chassis was similar, the microcomputer was simplified, as was the AV interface. As a result, there was only 1 21-pin AV socket was fitted (though this was still fitted with Datalink for use with a VX video recorder) and there was no 7-pin audio-aux connection. Additionally, Powerlink loudspeakers could not be used. Even in early versions, the two-way IR transceiver was never fitted so only the Beolink 1000 terminal could be used. Despite these simplifications, the Beovision MS 6000 still offered a full measure of B&O quality and was ideal for simple installations where only a television, video recorder and perhaps a rotating stand were needed. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


David Lewis



Type numbers

7813, 7818, 7819, 7873, 7874, 8740, 8742

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