Beovox Cona


Type number: 6345

Picture by LifeStyle AV


The Beovox Cona was the first B&O subwoofer loudspeaker. It was specifically intended for use with the Beovox CX 50 and CX 100 miniature loudspeakers, to boost the bass sound in situations where the positioning of the loudspeakers meant that this would otherwise be lacking. The Beovox Cona contained a single large drive unit which was wound with a special double voice coil, so that the bass from the left and right channels was summed magnetically and reproduced in equal proportions. Only a single Cona was required for a complete installation and a special amplifier was not required, though the amplifier had to be fairly powerful to gain the full benefit. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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