Beovox RL 35


Type number: 6515

Picture by Nick Jarman


This miniature RL loudspeaker was launched shortly after the initial Beovox RL 45 and RL 60 models. Its styling matched the that of the larger versions closely and similar advantages were claimed. The loudspeaker itself contained a two-way arrangement, comprising a single woofer and a dome tweeter. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Though the RL 35 looked like the bigger models, much of what made the RL range special was absent. For example, the drivers were mounted on a flat chip-board panel instead of being focused towards the listening point, though the heavily styled cloth grille disguised this. The cabinet principle was bass reflex, as opposed to the bass-radiator designs used in the RL 45 and 60, and bitumen panels were not fitted inside for damping. Connections were by a single pair of spring clips at the rear, so the attractive black and red curly “RL cables” could not be used. Most importantly, the flexibility of presentation that was the key to the RL range’s appeal did not carry through to the RL 35, for which no stands or brackets were available and thus it could only really stand on the floor. A wire prop at the rear of each loudspeaker held the cabinet at a suitable angle. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Because of the limited placement options, the RL 35 took up quite a lot of space for a small loudspeaker, and so did not prove as popular as the larger models. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Later in the life of this model, the choice of having the rear cabinet finished in white as well as grey was offered. In the case of the white version, the famous “red line” became silver, though the name remained the same. The cloth grille remained available in grey only however. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


David Lewis

Finishes/ colours

  • Grey
  • White



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