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The MMC 20 CL was the top of the range of the MMC 20 range. Designed to work with the tangential tracking turntables of the time, MMC 20 CL was the first B&O cartridge to use a single crystal sapphire cantilever. This offered a very rigid but light structure and was fitted with a naked contact line diamond, a simplified version of the Pramanik diamond found on the MMC 6000. The profile was such that this cartridge was recommended as a replacement for MMC 6000 should quadraphonic reproduction be required. The CL was available with either ½" or P mounts so that it could be used with other turntables. It received a number of glowing reviews at the time of its introduction from the audio press, not normally renowned for their love of B&O. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.



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