Beocord 2000

31st August 2012

It is not unusual to find that the belts in any of the 1980s Beocord cassette decks (and their Beocenter equivalents) have deteriorated to a point where they stretch easily and become entangled in the mechanism. This can sometimes stall the motor, which will burn out if left in this condition. Having replaced both the belts and the motor in a Beocord 2000 it was noticed that although the machine played well and at the correct speed the Advance and Return were sluggish, with the tape slowing down considerably after the first few seconds of operation. It was found that in normal playback the motor voltage was slightly low at just under 12V (it should be 14.8V) and that this fell to 8.5V after a few seconds of winding. The cause was 1R8 (4.7R, safety type) which was open circuit, leaving the motor to be supplied only via 1R9 and the B-E junction of 1TR4 from the 15.5V supply rail. A replacement resistor cured the fault, the original must have failed when the original motor was stalled. Note that the Beocord 3300 uses an identical circuit with the same component reference numbers and values. [Beocord 2000, Beocord 3300]