Beocord 3300

(1987-1989) Stereo cassette recorder, Metal tape compatible, Dolby B HX NR, Datalink

Type numbers: 2941, 2942, 2943, 2945

Picture by Nick Jarman


The cassette recorder for Beosystem 3300. As there was never a Beocord 3000 for the previous Beosystem 3000, this model effectively replaces Beocord 2000. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

The obvious difference is the new styling and colours, to match Beomaster 3300, but the important change was that the Dolby HX system was now included, boosting the performance considerably. The inclusion of HX on Beocord 3300 meant that now all B&O cassette machines (with the exception of the Beosystem 10 portable radio cassette) now included this valuable enhancement. Internally, the cassette mechanism remained mostly the same as before, though two small plastic hooks were added to make accurate loading of the cassette easier if the machine was hung vertically on the wall. Another most welcome change was the fitting of an automatic tape type detector, as seen on the Beocord 5000, to replace the manual switch of the Beocord 2000. Strangely, there was still no “cassette in” sensor, so unlike the Beocord 5000, the mechanism could still be activated with no cassette inserted, and the machine was unable to report a “no tape” condition to Beomaster with two way communication, such as the Beomaster 5000. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Users who had upgraded from a Beocord 2000 would also have noticed some differences in the operation logic. For example, pressing forward or reverse winding at any time would set the machine into “music search” mode directly, a longer touch being needed to engage normal winding. Repeated touches would skip a number of tracks, though there was no display to show how many tracks were being searched through. Engaging record was now also easier, all that was needed was a long touch on the record sensor to enter “record pause” mode, then a brief touch to commence recording. Though not auto reverse, the feature of being able to play one side of the tape repeatedly remained from Beocord 2000, and was still activated by repeated touching of the play sensor. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

The Beocord 3300 was the last new model to be introduced without auto reverse. It was replaced by Beocord 4500. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Jacob Jensen



Type numbers

2941, 2942, 2943, 2945

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