Beovision MX 7000

16th June 2013

As the Unity 2 chassis sets near the end of their second decade of service some new faults caused by poor soldering are beginning to emerge. Shutting down and returning to standby after a short period of use can be caused by cracked soldered joints on the primary side of the power supply, especially at the legs of the small components around the chopper transistor 4TR1. The components which are most commonly affected appear to the those whose legs are left straight and not stapled over, sometimes it is possible to observe a small arc at this point when the set fails. Resoldering the complete area is the most effective cure. Intermittent loss of signals can often be cured by resoldering all the connections to 38IC3 (TDA8120) on the tuner PCB. Unity 2 chassis sets include the LX 5000, LX 6000, LS 5000, LS 6000, MX 4000, MX 4002, MX 6000, MX 7000, MS 6000 and AV 9000. [Beovision MX 7000]