Beosystem 3000


A very similar system to Beosystem 2000, but offering remote control and multiroom facilities. Terminal 3000, the remote control, is included with the Beomaster. The turntable is also different, in that it is a tangential tracking model, the Beogram 3000. This does not match the appearance of the rest of the system as well as Beogram 2000, but is similar in some ways to the Beogram CD X compact disc player, an ideal addition to the system. It is not possible to move the arm of Beogram 3000 across the record by remote control, as was possible with some versions of Beosystem 5000. Loudspeaker choices remain the same as Beosystem 2000, Beovox CX 50 being ideal for additional rooms connected via the Link 30 system. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.



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