Beocord 6002

(1983-1984) Stereo cassette deck, HX Pro, Dolby B NR, Datalink

Type numbers: 4852, 4854, 4855, 4857


This new model replaced the Beocord 6000 as the companion cassette deck for the Beomaster 6000. Again, the same trick had been played, as the Dolby C equipped Beocord 8004 replaced the 8002, the 8002 became the Beocord 6002, the two machines being technically identical. This would not be done again however. As the “Beolab” range was slimmed down and the Beomaster 8000 deleted, the Beocord 8004 (or 9000) became the cassette deck choices for the “Beosystem 6000” (as it was known at this stage), but there was no fiddling around with the numbers. It was thus possible to have a Beosystem 6000 comprising Beomaster 6000, Beogram 8002 and Beocord 8004!


Jacob Jensen



Type numbers

4852, 4854, 4855, 4857

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