Beogram 1202

(1972-1974) Radial turntable, SP 10A pickup

Type numbers: 5237, 5238

Picture by Nick Jarman


The Beogram 1202 represented the peak in the development of the 1200 series models. It was designed for use with a range of new Beomaster and Beocenter models, such as Beomaster 901 and Beocenter 1400. It was also the recommended choice for the Beolab 1700 system. Mechanically and electrically the Beogram 1200 was the same as the Beogram 3000, except that it was fitted with the 1200-type platter (complete with “pegs” to support the record) and a simple removable dust cover instead of a proper hinged lid. Other than that, the extensive mass damping and electromechanical control of the more expensive model was carried over intact, making for fine performance and durability. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Unlike the Beogram 3000 and the previous Beogram 1200, the GF 4 preamplifier could not be used with the Beogram 1202. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Jacob Jensen

Finishes/ colours

  • / Rosewood/Aluminium
  • / Teak/Aluminium
  • / White/Aluminium



Type numbers

5237, 5238

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