Beogram 6000

(1982) Stereo turntable, 33/45RPM, Datalink, MMC 20 EN pickup

Type number: 5751

Picture by Peter McEvedy


A development of the Beogram 2402 including a simple “Datalink” interface. This provided one-way (Beomaster to Beogram) communication with the Beomaster 6000 (or 8000), so that the Beogram could be started and stopped by remote control. The Beogram 6000 was offered as a cheaper alternative to the expensive and complicated Beogram 6006, but as the styling had originally been penned to match the Beomaster 2400, the Beogram 6000 and Beomaster 6000 did not match very well. As a result of this The Beogram 6000 was not a very popular model, and was replaced by the Beogram 6002, a simplified, belt drive version of the Beogram 6006. This model retained the simplified, one-way only Datalink interface. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.



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