Beomaster 3000

(1985-1987) FM stereo/MW/LW receiver, 2x30W, Datalink and multiroom, remote control

Type numbers: 2931, 2932, 2933, 2935, 2937, 2939


This replaced Beomaster 2400, and very similar to Beomaster 2000, but with an infra red remote control system. Otherwise, the performance was identical, and appearance little changed, except that the illuminated indicators for the radio preset stations now had numbers on, so they could be read accurately from a distance. The remote control range could be extended to another room with the Link 30 multiroom system. This was different and incompatible with the Link 82 system, as used with the Beocenter 7000 range and Beosystem 5000, and only ever used with this model. The terminal was known as Terminal 3000, and could control the basic functions of the Beomaster, Beocord and Beogram. Beocord 2000 was the recommended tape recorder, there was never a Beocord 3000 of this type. Beogram 3000, an attractive turntable with a black anodised top deck, was made to use with Beomaster 3000, though it was not possible to move the arm by remote control via Terminal 3000. Beogram 3000 was also recommended for use with Beocenter 9000, before Beogram 9000 was introduced. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Jacob Jensen



Type numbers

2931, 2932, 2933, 2935, 2937, 2939

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