Beosystem 6500

Picture by Martin Olsen


The changes to this generation of models centered around the Beomaster. The new model was fitted with Power Link sockets to make the most of the Beolab Penta 2 and Beolab 5000 active loudspeakers. Unfortunately, the built in power amplifier, though slightly more powerful than the one in the previous Beomaster 5500, was somewhat ill conceived, and gained a reputation for being unstable when used to drive a number of loudspeakers, such as in a Beolink system. New finishes were offered for all the 6500 range, with the aluminum part being either polished or anodised black, or the whole cabinet and most of the fittings, Master Control Panel included, finished in gloss white. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

1991: Beolink 7000 replaces Master Control Panel 6500: Beosystem 6500 was updated in 1991 with Beolink 7000. This control represented a complete departure from previous Master Control Panels, both in styling and operation. In an attempt to solve the heavy battery consumption problems of earlier models, the Beolink 7000 included built in rechargeable cells, and a tabletop charger which also functioned as a stand. The numbering of this new terminal gave away that the end was near for the rest of the 6500 system – in fact it was soon replaced by the very similar Beosystem 7000. Another method of control was offered by the new Beolink 5000, a compact two way terminal little larger than a Beolink 1000. This would work most of the functions fairly comprehensively, but could not display recording levels. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Finishes/ colours

  • Silver
  • White

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