AV 9000 Control Center


Type numbers: 4730, 4732, 8006

Picture by Nick Jarman


Often dismissed as merely a centre loudspeaker, the AV 9000 Control Center was in fact the most important part of the system. Without it, the AV 9000 was just a collection of components that were easily available elsewhere in the B&O range. The main functions of the control centre were those of signal routing, surround sound processing and system control, though it also housed the centre loudspeaker and its amplifier. It also provided the structure that held the system together, securing the monitor and video recorder together and joining them to the stand. The stand motor and bearing were also in the control centre, so that the whole assembly could be programmed to rotate to face the viewer. The control centre also housed a red LED display next to the VTR that showed which source or programme was in use. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

There were surprisingly few connections that could be made to the control centre. Once the monitor, VTR, loudspeakers and master panel were connected little else was possible, though with such a complete system little else was necessary. Ordinary B&O audio equipment could not be connected directly, though an adaptor was made to allow a Beosystem 4500, 6500, 7000 or a Beocenter 9500 to be used in place of the Master Panel AV 9000. Text copyright © Beocentral. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


David Lewis

Type numbers

4730, 4732, 8006

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